Day at the Spa

€ 32,00€ 29,00 / £ 27,00 total


  • All day pass for Royal Budapest Spa, one of the oldest in Europe
  • Best hangover remedy
spa budapest
spa budapest

Now that you have booked your stag acitivies in Budapest, you realize its all just shooting guns, driving monster trucks, stag getting arrested and of course gallons and gallons of booze. But you are not machines! You are men! And men need to rest from time to time.

The day spa is the perfect day time stag activity to get a break. Budapest nights are hard and belive the locals when they say a day at the spa will cure you from every ache. Take a quick nap on the sunbeds or get into the sauna and discuss serious geo-political questions with the lads. Or just look at hot babes.  After all you are good to go to war once agian. Quality day time pleasure. 

Activity Time: 3 hours 

Minimum group size: 2 persons