Public Party Bus Tour Budapest

€ 29,00 / £ 26,00 / person

:call_me: 2 hours Party Bus 

:call_me: Bring Your Own Booze

:call_me: Bar/ Clube Entrance at the end 



Public Party Bus Budapest

Party Bus is usually the utimate stag activity! It might happen, that you dont have a crew large enought to book your own Party Bus, but you can join others and get on board on our Public Party Bus Budapest. 

There is no better way to discover the historical sights of the city, then on a music blasting moving fortress. Bring your own booze and get ready for a night of culture and mayham. Just what Budapest is all about! 

Its a truly epic ride that covers all the must seen sights from Buda to Pest and you never know, you might meet some cool strangers on the way! 

The bar / club entry at the end is but the icing on the cake!