Apartman Control Budapest

€ 169,00 / £ 144,00 total

  • Stripper dressed up as police
  • 15 minutes hot strip show 
apartment control strip show

Imagine you girls are sitting in the apartment, getting ready for a big night out in Budapest, but oh no, there is a loud knock on the door. Who could it be? You worst nightmare soon starts to take from as you learn its the police. You girls have been way too loud and someone has reported you. Now someone has to pay. Although if you look closer that office does look like a hot piece. Maybe there is a way out of this. Get the bride to be ready, gather the girls, as the police officer is not what he looks like

If you feel like the bride is more vulnerable during morning, we have solution for you.

Minimum group size: 8 persons

Activity time: 15 minutes 

If you have a smaller group, please contact us and We will make you an offer you can`t refuse!