Horse Race Budapest

€ 26,00 / £ 23,00 / person

:call_me: English speaking guide
:call_me: Return minibus transfer from the hotel
:call_me: 3 betting for each
:call_me: Bottles of cold bubbly

horse racing budapest

Give the group a break and enjoy a relaxing day out on the field. Horseracing is such a classy activity, yet both you and me know its just another excuse to get blind drunk with the lads. BUT there is a slight chance you might get lucky and make back the cost of the entire trip and more. Maybe you will retire after this Budapest weekend, move to Bali and take up Ukelele? 

Who knows? 

Minimum group size: 8 persons

Activity time: 2-3 hours 

In case you are coming to Budapest with a smaller group, dont hesitate to contact us and we will make you an offer you cant refuse!