Beer Bus Tour Budapest

€ 30,00 / £ 26,00 / person

  • 60 minute private beer bus ride 
  • Unlimited hungarian draft beer 
  • Extra beer or proseco can be purchased 
beer bus tour budapest

After the age of Beer Bikes a new king has emerged to rule the street of Budapest.  Now the bikes were cool, no doubt, however only the few who actually tried it, know how hard was to paddle those things. The beer was fresh and cool, but still, there was an element of stuggle mixed in it. 

Now, scrap all of that, with our new cool beer buses all you have to do, is to hop on board, get yourself a nice glass of beer (or two) and enjoy the sights of budapest.  Check out historical sites just like the river Danube, the Castle, the Andársy avenue and more. 

The beer bus tour kicks of at downtown Budapest, so the starting point is easily accesible. 

Great idea for any stag do or hen do, after all, cold hungarian draft beer and funky music, what else do you really need?

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