Body Sushi Budapest

€ 29,00 / £ 26,00 / person

:call_me: English speaking guide
:call_me:​ 30 minute specialty 
:call_me: Number of girls to choose from
:call_me: 42 pieces sushi platter 

budapest body sushi

Body Sushi will get you the extra taste you have always missed from your sushi but did not know yet. As usual on weekends in Budapest we give it a twist. The sushi platter will be served on the body of a hot stripper. We will add whipped cream  so you will have some to sweaten your tongue as well. Bloody Brilliant. 

Depending on the appetite of group, sushi might not cut it. Check out our Steak Dinner N Lesbian show. That will surely do! 

Minimum group size: 8 persons 

Total Activity time: 30 minutes 

In case you are coming to Budapest with a smaller group, dont hesitate to contact us and we will make you an offer you cant refuse!