Pimps of Pest

€ 170,00 (6%) / £ 160,00each

This package includes
Strip Hummer Limo Budapest
Sexy Wake Up Call Budapest
VIP Club Night Budapest
Goulash and Beers Budapest
Palinka Tasting Budapest
Real Life Escape Room Budapest


  • Budapest Strip Hummer Limo (airport pick up)
  • Round of free Beer for everyone
  • Budapest Goulash & Beers
  • Budapest Palinka Tasting
  • Budapest Real Life Escape Room
  • Budapest Sexy Wake Up Call

Pimps of Pest will be your best choice if you are planning a stag do in Budapest. Live like a genuine pimp, eat and drink like one. 

When in Budapest do as the locals. A great weekend is when you get to see what the local guys are up to and experience what they see and do. 

If one thing is true about the hungarians is that they like to pimp it out. If it looks expensive, if its shiny and project status, then get in son. Let us put out money where our mouth is: 

Imagine being picked up by a
luxurious Hummer Limo and guys have no idea that the real surprise is waiting for them inside.  The private bar crawl will blow the group away. Budapest has some hidden gems and we are not affraid to show you the good and the bad about this fair city. Good alcohol deals and bad girls that is. 

Heavy Budapest stag nights are fueled by dirt cheap drink, so we need to make sure you ll have enough fuel to last the night. Grab a good heary hungarian Goulash meal with the lads and hit the town later. 

Palinka is the local fire water, so if you pride yourselves of being culinary curious, than you have to simply give this a go, again just to level with the locals. 

Escape Rooms are making their way big time, so a little friendly competition would not hurt much, also gives you a little window through the weekend when the guys are not in the local pub. 

No good stag weekend is complete without a good ol stag prank. Sexy Wake Up Call will leave the stag speechless as we attack him with a heavy hitter when he is most vulnarable, during his sleep. Sneak up on him and watch his confused little face as he puts the puzzles together again. 

You are already spending tons of money to come for your stag weekend, spend a little extra and enjoy the full Budapest Stag Weekend experience. 

Additional activities can be added on to your tour. 

Minimum group size: 10 people