Party Hostel Budapest

€ 25,00 / £ 22,00 / person

:call_me: Stag friendly hostels
:call_me: Centrally located
:call_me: Well-managed customer service
:call_me: Social hubs (dining area, hostel pub or club, etc) to meet new people

party hostel budapest

We are in close cooperation with all hostels that meet our minimum criteria: 1. stag friendly 2. centrally located 3. high quality standards for a hostel 4. well-managed customer service. We negotiated special rates for our stag groups that are available upon request (we get a pretty large discount from the list price, however, still depending on the season and general pricing conditions).

We understand that sometimes its all about getting a roof over your head where you can pass out for a couple of hours before the party starts again. If you are coming to Budapest for a stag do you are likely to be pressed with the time. So much to do, so much to see. Plus you are on a budget, so you dont want to break the bank on accommodation, you need money for the beer chest. Thats all right, good news is that at Budapest Weekends we have selected great party friendly hostels where you can meet young travelers partying in Budapest, while still staying in a central location. Clubs, bars and great street food as well as cool restaurants are all at your door step.  Great value for your Budapest Weekend.

If you are looking to stay somewhere nicer, but still close to the centre, check out our budget and quality apartments. 

If you have a smaller group, please contact us and We will make you an offer you can`t refuse!