Why going on a stag do abroad is your worst idea yet? Or is it?

2018. Nov. 12.

Ahoy mateys! 

You could not wait about this month`s Budapest Weekend post and look how lucky you are here it comes. Here at the office we stumbled upon this master piece; WHY STAG/BACHELORE WEEKENDS EVENTUALLY SUCK created by the the master of british humour Yorkshire MGTOW. 

Check out this great video and lets talk about some of the points he is making and see what we think of it and what could/ can be done to avoid a bad stag weekend.  So without further ado here it comes, buckle up: 

#1: Budapest vs Riga

First of we have to say that our points will not be fair as the video is about Riga and obviously we are entertaining groups coming to Budapest for stag weekends. With all respect to our brothers and sisters in Riga, Budapest is a well established stag and party holiday destination and so we have that advantage over them, but we are sure they also do a hell of a job up north. 

#2: Organizational nightmare 

There are quite a few fair points made here, just like being roomed together with people that you might not know. Booking go karting for a time while you are still dizzy from last night,or wandering around the city aimlessly. 

Of course being super flexible is a foundation that we are building on. With hotels for example we can help making rooming arrangements and when it comes to activity you can get time slots that you want. Pair that with our expert advice and BAM you ve got a perfect weekend. Also we cannot mention enough our expert guides that will accompany you for most of the weekend for transfers and activities so you will be at safe hands all the time. Look we not gonna lie, that we have never lost a stag, but what to do you do when he decides to go to the train station and book a ticket back home to Munich while super drunk? I mean come on, that happened only once its not even fair that you bring that up! 

#3 The humiliation of the stag

- Well, agree to disagree here. Where we are strong advocates of our world class Rolly Polly prank, we agree that it can be taken a little too far. Like for example who in their right mind would set the dogs of hell at the stag? That would be ruff! You get it. 

#4 Bottom line is organizing everything by yourself vs using a Stag Agency 

Most of these problems that the author has mentioned about the stag do, could be easily avoided by using a stag agency. We believe our prices wont break the bank, I mean come on, a Basic Buda Package is as little as €89 per person. On the plus side there are direct flights from almost all the capitals of Europe so if you book ahead that wont be expensive either. So for about €150 per person you will have a full stag weekend, with accommodation, transport and even a dardy bar crawl with a VIP strip club entry and show. Not to bad eh? 

I mean of course you can buy a couple of beers, rent a shack by the river, bring some drinking games and some fishing gear, and dont get me wrong, thats awesome too! HEY! HEY! All stag dos are awesome okay? We dont say that. Im just saying that come to Budapest and see whats all the fuss is about. One thing we can promise to you, the first time, wont be the last time we see each other! 

So pack your bags, kiss the old ladies good bye and conquer Budapest with Budapest Weekends! 

Truly yours: 

The writer. 

Peace, Im out!  Well, one last thing actually, look at this little kid getting tackled: