What are the best activities for your stag do in Budapest?

2018. Sep. 18.

What are the best activities for your upcoming stag do in Budapest?

Congratulations, if you chose Budapest as your stag destination, then you are already well ahead in the planning game. This lovely city of ours is quickly making a name for itself as not so much of the party capital of Europe, but rather a really cool, bespoke city to visit. If you are looking forward to a weekend, where you walk around historic streets in search for the next amazing ruin bar or if you want to take the guys out for some crazy but still affordable adrenaline trips, then Budapest will surely deliver.

What makes a great stag weekend in Budapest?

Just look at the Why Budapest panel at our Budapest Weekends Website, its all there:


Cheap Beers? Check

We will show you the best Ruin Bars (Ruin Bar Tour) specials to Budapest as well as the secret spots where the younglings of the city frequent each and every night. Great selection of atmospheric bars are overlapping each other on our guided tours. 

Hot Babes? Check!

We did come up with some exiting strip shows for your bachelor party. We know, not everyone (especially the bride to be) will like it, but its customery, and lets face it, its super funny till its happening to you. We are friends with some of the hottest birds in the city and they are more than happy to put a smile on the stag and on the groups face: (Sexy Maids, , Domina Show).

Cultural Heritage? Check!

If you want to go and party till the sun comes up in huge techno lairs, or at classy beach bars, then Budapest might not be your best bet. HOWEVER, if you want to sit outside on the street at a real hip bar, drinking cool beer while looking at historic buildings then nothing better than Budapest. Take a cruise down at the Danube and look at Castles, churches, and the breath taking Parliament building lighting up while a cute Hungarian girl tells you about our rich history. (Private Sightseeing Cruise) OR do the same with a stripper and more beers, honestly both are great (strip ship).

Great Activities? Check!

All the stag activities that you might consider to be fun are easily accessible on our website> www.budapestweekends.eu

Is your group consisting of warlike folks? Enter paintballing, car shooting of laser tag.

Are they more into racing? Go karting both indoor and outdoor will surely blow them away.

Or do you need something that’s neither of them? Bubble football, neon golf, escape rooms are all great team building activities. AND the most important part is that they wont break the bank. Now chances are that you will be not as fresh as a daisy after a heavy night of drinking so we wont bother you with logistics and we will do all the organizing for you. Private buses and cheerful local guides will make sure that all you have to do is quick back and enjoy your pretty damn weekend here with us at Budapest Weekends.

Low deposit? Check!

After its all said and done, we know it all sounds great, but surely this weekend will cost us! Well the good news is that it wont break the bank! There are tons of direct flights from all over Europe to Budapest so that will save you some money.

We can offer you stag friendly accommodation at competitive rates. At our apartments or hostels they wont ask for huge security deposits. And the activities are also really cheap especially if you consider, most of them will come with your private guide, return private bus transfer and some hangover beers.

What do you need to do to make this all come true and create a truly kick ass weekend?

Simple as ABC.

Use our planner, put together a great plan, send it to us and if you are happy with our offer a simple 25% deposit payment will be enough to secure your first (but not last) Budapest Weekend.


Sounds good? Good!

Lets get started: