Top 3 Outdoor Activities for your group in Budapest

2018. Oct. 24.

Top 3 Best Outdoor Group Activities in Budapest:           

So, your friends have told you about Budapest? What an awesome place this is, that you must come to visit as soon as you can with your girlfriend/boyfriend or with your friends. Well, let me tell you they have not been lying, this sin city of ours is never boring you will always find something fun to do, or something spectacular to look at.

Here at Budapest Weekends we specialize in Stag / Hen parties and Team Buildings and We firmly believe you can find tons and tons of fun activities that everyone in your group will like. We have already established what are the best activities to do while you are in Budapest here.

Or what are some pubs that you just must visit here.

One thing is for certain, be it a stag/hen do or a great team building you always have the same theme when it comes to Budapest.  You will visit historic spa, you will drink cold pints in Szimpla or any other great ruin bar, maybe you will even try an escape game as that is really the sh*t right now.

Then comes the not so usual but everyone’s favorite like, shooting guns in a great gun range, driving go karts or playing paint ball. But what I would like to talk about in this article is some of the great outdoor options for activities. If the weather allows it is definitely a sin to stay indoors.  Some of these outdoor activities are designed to deliver maximum adrenaline while either setting a competitive theme or an emphasis on teamwork. Either way its always a good idea to check out some brand new activities that are if not necessarily located in Budapest, still are easily accessible. Especially if you consider that at Budapest Weekends we provide not just fun, English speaking guides but also private return transfers as well. So all you have to do is get inspired, check out our web store for great STAG ideas or TEAM BUILDING ideas.

1#  Outdoor Shooting range

We are partners with one of the biggest outdoor shooting range in Hungary. The place is more than 5 acres large and oh boy there are plenty of fun things hidden in this place. There is a pistol shooting range with various targets that will keep everyone competitive. While the Car Shooting range is something of an all time favorite Budapest Weekends Stag Activity. There is just something special about shooting an old car into pieces with your AKs, while you friend/ colleague tries to do the same right next to you. For those with the little bit better aim there is also a clay pigeon shooting area where there are 2 different shooting stands.

The Sniper rifle range is actually 300 meters long, so you just cant compare that with any other shooting range in Hungary. Last but not least if you fancy yourself to be a bit of a hunter, try one of our running targets with a riffle on a range dedicated to moving targets.

One thing is for sure, weather you are planning a stag/ hen do or a team building firing a gun in a safe but cool environment will get everyone excited.

#2 Monster Truck Driving

While this is not for the faint hearted, if you tolerate speed, steel and the smell of gasoline there is no better place for you and your gang than our Monster Track next to Budapest. At this amazing outdoor field we are not just offering these amazing American monster truck to be driven, but if your group members want they can piggy ride on the back of the truck for a safe first round then, you paddle to the metal and let the beast roll on. While someone drives the Monster Truck others can either participate in an insane rally driving on a professional dirt track on the same field, or if you are more military minded then hop on our VT 55 “the bull” tank and drive around the track, its great fun driving some more than unusual beasts. If your team would like to participate in a driving related activity there is no better place than here.

#3 Quad Driving

This is the ticket! If you would want to truly experience what the amazing country side is like next to Budapest than you will be pleased with the our Quad Driving activity. About 30 minutes outside of the city in a small village is our base where we will quickly teach you the basic operation of the quad bikes and shorty after hit the road. There are different tracks to choose from depending on how confident you feel like in your abilities to drive one of these bad boys. Drinks and Beers are provided after the tour OR we can even cater for you in a typical Hungarian “CSARDA” right next door where you can all try the local poison “palinka” and eat a good pot of gulash.  There is also option to play paintball or drive a tank and other great team building activities, including drop you next to a small artificial lake beach where you can drink some cocktails and play volley ball with the locals. All is all its just a freaking great day to enjoy on a sunny day be it your stag/hen do or again team building for a mental company.

+1 Extra one ( I cant help myself)

Alright, Im not even gonna lie in  almost all my previous blog post I have always encouraged everyone to go out explore Budapest, and try really cool sober day time activities but I aint no hypocrite either. Hell, I am even writing this post with a beer in the end. So here it goes:

If the weather is nice, do enjoy our UNLIMITED BOOZE CRUISE on a hot summer day. Meet locals and tourists alike while you smash those beers like no tomorrow. Wine if you like or if you don’t then don’t come. Great Dj to entertain the group while raising your champagne glasses to the truly magnificent Parliament building or the Buda Castle. There is just something magical about Budapest after the night lights come on and to be fair about 20 pints of beer also help lift the festive mood.

Aiiight that was it, I have wasted 10 minutes from your life but no regrets. Now you will learn not to read all kinds of cr*p from the internet.

Dont forget, with great FUN comes ZERO responsibilities!