Ruin Bars of Budapest

2018. Jan. 24.

What are Ruin Bars and where to find them in Budapest?

Around the year 2000 a new wave of bars have started to establish themselves in downtown Budapest. Loads of buildings were in dire need of rebovation, but the owners seldom had the money for it. And as good hungarians in search for an answer, once again we looked for our trusted ally: Alcohol. It was kind of brilliant as these places were all somewhat centrally located and the rent was more than affordable. Toss in a few art students from the local Unis and a some repainted all granny`s furniture and thus the Ruin Bars were born. Just like that.  A ruin bar is a bit retro, a bit artistic, a tad industrial with some cool neon lights  with some great backgorund music. Here are a couple of great places you should check out if you are coming to Budapest:

1, Szimpla

Lets start with the most bad ass of them all. Szimpla kert was the first and still is one of the biggest Ruin Bar in Budapest. 2 floors of pure mayhem. Smoke pipes and chill in old communist cars while you smash your beers. Dont be surprised if they will approach you to sell you carrots. Its good for you.

2, Doboz

This place is both a bar and a club at night. Geather around the tree and tell the guys which girl are you gonna hit on. Dont forget 50% of the time it works every time!  Skip the line and get in like a VIP, enjoy a welcome shot and dance the night away with:

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3, Fogas

There are not a lot of big clubs left in Budapest, but since Fogas and Instant have joined forces there are literally the only good option if you want to party with 6.000 people. This place is a maze, ourselves still frequent this club from time to time and still find places inside that we have never been to.

4, Instant

As we mentioned earlier this place is now joined with Fogas. Together they entertain 6000 people each night in 6 different dance floors and tons of bars.

5, Mika Tivadar

This  is one of the open air Ruin Bars. Mika Tivadar is a great place to stop on your private bar crawl.

Weather you are planning to visiti Budapest for a stag do, bachelor party or even a hen do, discovering some of these ruin bars is an absolute must! They represent everything that’s cool about Budapest. Artistic, dark but somewhat still cheerful places where alcohol is aplenty.

These ruin bars are just the tip of the ice berg, there are many more places to discover. If anything these are the bars that tourist are frequent more often, if you would rather avoid the tourist path and discover the hidden bars the locals like then book a private car crawl and let one of our charming guides take you to the best places of Budapest`s nightlife.

Private Ruin Bar Tour HERE.