How to plan a stag do under 5 minutes?

2018. Nov. 23.

How to plan a Stag Weekend under 5 minutes?

Welcome back to our Budapest Weekends site. As always I will try to share some useful information about how to plan a stag do. In this case, of course we will use our site and Budapest as destination.

Now, it goes without saying the hardest part will get all the members of your stag group agreed on a destination, and of course on a budget. But once you have got that out of way than comes the real work.



There are 2 kinds of Stag Agencies around.

1, Larger Multinational Agencies


The larger companies all tend to hide their prices and would want you to put together your stag package, and they can either give you a package deal ( in worse cases) still hiding prices or send you the stag package with prices in an email, usually they are a bit dear. These companies do a good service however their prices are simply inflated by the size of their organisation.

2, Smaller Local Stag Agencies


Obviously, we are the advocates of this later mob. Now, yes, we might be smaller, might not have multiple locations and only a small amount of dedicated locals working for us, however we are locals, with real, up to date knowledge of our cities, in this case of ours Budapest.

Again, lets stick with Budapest as a stag destination. After all, Budapest is one of the most visited stag destination of Europe. Almost all of the big players have it on offer and there a quite a few local companies as well.

Now, say you chose to put together a couple of packages using the websites of the big players. You will get your mails straight away, but that comes with chatting sales people, sitting somewhere far away from Budapest and if you have a question, or would want to change something usually takes up precious time.

NONE of that with will happen if you use a company like Budapest Weekend, that has simple planner.

Without wasting more words lets dive in:

Step 1: Open Budapest Weekends Website.


Right on the top you will find our planner, where you only need to fill in a couple of details like, how many of you are coming, how long are you planning to stay and dates.

Click quick party planner and let the fun begin.
Simple right?

Step 2: Choose Stag Activities, Airport Transfer & Accommodation

This is the Fun Part! You can easily choose what is essential for you for this stag weekend.

Do you want to shoot guns? BAM there is a Shooting category, by clicking it will take you to see ALL the shooting activities in Budapest.

Or do you want to surprise the guys with a Hummer Daddy? Its just one click away.

There are two ways of adding activities.

A, You either click on the little plus sign at the top right corner

B, Click on the activity, read through the description and if you like what you see add it to your tour. Here you also have the option do increase/ decrease the size of the group.

That happens if someone does not want to shoot guns or drive go karts.

Last but not least you can choose stag accommodation as well, see what will be the best suited for you group.

Step 3, Check Cart

Now you have a list of Items included and you are free to add/ remove items. You can go back to the planner and add more activities or change them to bigger packages or smaller. That depends entirely on your groups budget.  Easy as.

You can do all this under 5 minutes and send us an enquiry. Or just book it straight away if you are happy and have no other questions.

At this day and age transparency, integrity is everything and here at Budapest Weekends we are fully committed to help you at every step of the way, so you can be the hero your friends need and create an adventure they will never forget!

Ah and as always a last point before I go:

Step 4, Call back option.

Still, if you have your doubts or not sure about something you can click this icon and ask for a call back. We are happy to call you on the same day and help you with our expert stag do ideas!

What are you waiting for?

Here is the planner,  TRY IT!